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About Joe Shields

Joe Shields: aka Cousin Joe Twoshacks, aka Joe Cartoon, aka the Joeman. Is an award winning cartoonist/animator who lost his passion. He was convinced by friends that he might reenergize his waning interest in the arts by attending Lambs Retreat For Song Writers in Harbor Springs, Michigan. In November 2008 at the age of 47 he did in fact attend and has been writing songs ever since. Nashville singer songwriter and occasional Lambs Retreat staff/artist in residence Whit Hill pushed joe to enter the prestigious Kerrville New Folk competition in Kerrville, Texas. Low and behold our man joe became a 2016 Kerrville New Folk winner and spent a good portion of 2016 touring the backroads with fellow New Folk winners Ben De La Cour, Emily Scott Robinson, Rachel Laven, Addie Brownlee and Justin Farren.

Whit Hill, a 2012 Kerrville New Folk winner herself, had this to say: “Joe stole all my husband’s power tools and sold them on Craigslist to by a vintage merry-go-round pony that ended up in the bonfire when the beer ran out. Keep a safe distance and don’t let him sleep in your garage. Big mistake.”

Joe’s songs are heartfelt (sometimes downright sad) with a touch of funny (potentially hysterical) with varying degrees of truth (good luck trying to figure that out.)


  • Crazy Wisdom Tea Room

    singer songwriters Joe Shields and Mark Jewett trade songs, stories and baseball cards.


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