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About Joe Shields

Joe is a songwriter. Joe’s songs are heartfelt (sometimes downright sad) with a touch of funny (potentially hysterical) with varying degrees of truth (good luck trying to figure that out.) his first album “rocks and toads” is fully animated and can be viewed at Joe is a 2016 Kerrville new folk winner, 2018 Leaf music festival singer songwriter competition finalist and creator/ cartoonist/animator of the award winning website

nice thing people said:
I first heard Joe at Beard's Brewery open mic early last Spring. The first song caught my ear, but I was distracted by the people around me. The second song made me laugh, and I realized I was annoyed when people kept trying to talk to me. By the third song, I refused to speak. Everyone else did, too. By the end of that third song, the whole bar spontaneously started to sing along to his original song.

Just a few months later, I saw that Joe went on to win Kerrville Folk Festival's prestigious New Folk award, along with 5 other up-and-coming songwriters.

I wish I could say I discovered him, but he was already well on his way! For more, read up on Joe Shields: aka Cousin Joe Twoshacks :)
Hope to see you at the show!
xoxo Caroline Barlow
Tiny Room Shows producer

All I can tell you about Joe Shields (aka Joe Cartoon) is that he’s one of those people you meet and know almost instantly that he’s special. An extremely talented cartoonist, he traded in his drawing utensils for a guitar and started writing songs. Not the kind of songs you’d expect from a beginner but the kind that win coveted and prestigious awards from the likes of the Kerrville New Folk competition. He’s a newcomer but you’d think he’s been around for much longer. We’re thrilled that he’s joining us this season.

Annie Capps
On the Tracks, Chelsea Mi.

the legend:
One day in the seventh month of the year nineteen hundred and sixty, a long thought to be extinct Tibetan Yeti and a most beautiful Peruvian princess found each other in a wooded glen and having decided ( after several fifths of Jack Daniels) that each was what the other desired more than all other things, they threw caution to the wind and consummated a one night relationship with the hoots and howls of passion so exuberant that the trees shook, the caribou stampeded and the woodchucks touched themselves.

Like all great tragic love stories the affair was short-lived. It happens that the earth did in fact move. The tremors caused surrounding mountains to lay upon the valley the burden that had so long been carried by them. Vast amounts of snow covered the unwary lovers, squelching their fiery passion, thrusting clouds of steam into the atmosphere that resulted in a rain that lasted for nine months.

On March 20, 1961 at 11:35 am a baby was born. The clouds parted and the sun shone bright. It was the first day of spring and the dawn of a new age.

They called him "Joe."


  • Joe Shields and Aaron Smith: Cantina Sound WorkshopHouse concert

    Dripping Springs, TX private.

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